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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mega Crab


Mega Crab returns on March 25th.

Mega Crab

Happy Boom Beach's Birthday and the Return of MEGA CRAB!

  • The event will be 3 days (instead of 7 days)
  • 2.5 hours attack regeneration (instead of 3 hours)
  • Maximum attack pool is 8 (instead of 7)
  • There will be a special twist....what could it be?

Mega Crab

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Mar 2016 Updates "Headquarter 22"

Mar 2016 Updates
“HQ 22, Statue Storage, Ranks, and Supply Chest!
Version 25.148 // 14 Mar 2016

New Update

·        Headquarters level 22 (requires XP 56 to upgrade)
              HQ level 19 requires XP 47
              HQ level 20 requires XP 50
              HQ level 21 requires XP 53
·        Armory Level 22 brings new upgrades for Troops and Gunboat abilities
              Armory lv 21 allow to upgrade Rifleman lv 22, Heavy lv 22, Artillery lv 22, Medkit lv 22 and Mine lv 22
              Armory lv 22 allow to upgrade Warrior lv 20, Tank lv 17, Medic lv 13, Grenadier lv 12, Barrage lv 18, Boom Mine lv 18, and Shock Mine lv 4
·        Statue Storage allows storage for new Statues before they’re placed in the base. Be careful! You cannot store statues once they have been placed
              Statue Storage level 1 can be built at HQ lv 13.
              Statue Storage can be upgraded at HQ 15, 17, 19 and 21 (max at level 5)
              Statue Storage can store one statue at level 1, up to 5 statue at level 5
·        Ranks! Increase your Victory Points to rank up. The higher your Rank, the better your daily rewards will be.
·        Supply Chests contain rewards based on your Rank! They can be claimed after gaining five Victory Points, and a new one can be earned every 24 hours.

·        Gearheart will now allow for 5 attacks instead of 3
·        Hammerman Attacks event will now reward intel
·        Short delay added after your troops have died in battle to use gunboat abilities
·        Headquarters experience requirements have been adjusted
               HQ lv 19 requires XP 47
               HQ lv 20 requires XP 50
               HQ lv 21 requires XP 53
               HQ lv 22 requires XP 56
·        Base notes for player bases in the Archipelago can now be added
               Good way to take notes on enemy bases
·        Base layouts can now be named
·        Replays can now be paused and played at half speed
·        Resource collection icons are now only shown when the building or boat is at 10% capacity
·        Task Force search improvements
·        Chat improvements (Pinned messages, enabled native keyboard, and reversed chat direction)
·        LOTS of graphical improvements

·        Base note errors in Operations
·        Fixed rare issue where exploding Scorcher would destroy a headquarters without ending the battle
·        Overlapping graphics for defenses
·        Event dialogues
·        LOTS of bug fixes

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Boom Beach Mar 2016 Sneak Peek!

It's time for Sneak Peek!
Welcome to upcoming Mar 2016 update!

Headquarter 22....for player level 56 and above!

Sneak Peek
  • Upgrade to HQ 22 will be available from level 56, which mean HQ 21 requirement will be lower.
  • HQ 22 will unlock extra Sniper Tower and extra Boom Mine.
  • All Defense buildings, including Shock Launcher and Rocket Launcher will have additional upgrade available with new skin.
  • Armory and Troop upgrade will be available too.
Sneak Peek

Introducing Statue Storage!!

Sneak Peek
  • Store statues for a strategic advantage. 
  • The Statue Storage Building will unlock at HQ 13.
  • Be careful! Once a statue has been placed, it cannot be stored.

Player Ranks - It's time to fight for Victory Points!

Sneak Peek
  • Earning Victory Points raises your Rank (and also your rewards)

Supply Chest - five Victory Points per day is all you need!

Sneak Peek
  • Earn five Victory Points to unlock a daily Supply Chest.
  • The higher your Rank, the bigger the rewards...

Stay tuned!
Updates coming!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Boom Beach Oct 2015 Sneak Peek!

Yay!!! It's time for the Sneak Peek - Oct 2015 Updates

Meet Headquarters Level 21...

HQ21 brings new building upgrade levels, including Landing Craft Level 21, Armory Level 21 with new upgrades for Troops and Gunboat Abilities! You will need to reach Experience level 59 to unlock HQ21.

New Update

New Update

As you can see below, HQ21 requires about 4 millions of each resource to upgrade. Doing so will unlock one extra Boom Cannon and 3 New Shock Mines for your pleasure!

New Updates

You will be SHOCKED! because....of....introducing SHOCK MINE!

Shocking! Enemy troops caught in the area of effect are briefly stunned and unable to move or attack.

Shock Mine Level 1 provide shock duration of 6 seconds!

New Updates

Nothing protect your HQ better than...New Prototype Defense...SHIELD GENERATOR!

Generates a force field around the Headquarters that shields it from damage. If the generator is destroyed, the shield dissiptes.

You can freely place SG anywhere in your base to power up your HQ.

New Updates

New Updates

New Updates

Shield Generator Level 1 gives 50% bonus health to your HQ.
Level 2 and 3 gives 100% and 150% bonus health, respectively.

New Updates

Stay tuned!
Updates coming!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Who is Dr. Terror?
Dr. Terror is the Mad, very Mad Scientist. He is NPC (Non-Player Character) from Blackguard that appear in the game by doing his grand experiment on self-replicating Terror Weapons. Each week, he appears twice, as known as Wednesday’s Terror base and Saturday’s Volcano base.
Boom Beach
Unlock Dr. Terror event
After defeat Hammerman’s HQ level 10, Dr. Terror will appear on that island on Wednesday event (Terror Base) at 0:00 GMT. Event lasts for exactly 24 hours which means Dr. Terror will disappear at 0:00 GMT of Thursday.

After defeat Hammerman’s HQ level 20, Dr. Terror will appear on that island on Saturday event (Volcano Base) at 0:00 GMT. Event lasts for exactly 24 hours which means Dr. Terror will disappear at 0:00 GMT of Sunday.
Boom Beach

What is Dr. Terror base and What is the event?
Dr. Terror base are comprised of Headquarters, Defenses, Mines and miscellaneous buildings. For each event, you will always start with stage 1, and then after you defeat stage 1, Dr. Terror will reappear again as stage 2 with more defense and stronger base, allow you to beat him over and over again until stage 20 which is the last stage of each event.

In each event, every player will fight the same setup of Dr. Terror base for all 20 stages. However, Dr. Terror base will change from event to event; making Dr. Terror as semi-weekly single player campaign you can attend every Wednesday and Saturday.

Saturday Volcano Base are generally more difficult than Wednesday Terror Base.
Boom Beach

Resources and Dark Power Stone
Each stage you beat gives you fixed amount of resources (increasing with each stage).
You gain amount of Stone as 2 times amount of Iron.
You gain amount of Wood as 3 times amount of Iron.
You gain amount of Gold as 1.5 times amount of Wood, plus amount of your attack cost (this is to balance Gold gained for every player).

Saturday Volcano Base give you more Resources than Wednesday Terror Base.

Most importantly, beating each stage of Dr. Terror rewards you Dark Power Stone. While you can receive some Dark Power Stone from Daily Reward or Submarine dive, Dr. Terror provide you huge amount of Dark Power Stone more than any other sources. Notes that each stage has predetermined number of Dark Power Stone each player are guarantee to receive, plus any random drop from buildings the same chance as you may receive from attacking NPC or Player base.

Winning Dr. Terror on each stage does not gain you any Victory Points which means it has no effect on your ranking. Basically, you fight Dr. Terror only for Resources, Dark Power Stones and for fun only!
Boom Beach
Example of Dr. Terror stage 12;
Low level player absolutely have no idea how to beat Terror stage 10 and above.
Attacking Tactics for Dr. Terror Event
1) Admit that low level Player cannot advance very far
If you defeat Lt. Hammerman level 10 and 20 and unlock Dr. Terror as soon as practicable, you will have very low level and find it very hard to advance during Dr. Terror Event. It is worth to try and beat difficult stage of Dr. Terror, however, don't waste your Gold when you know that your army will be shredded into pieces by those replicating Terror Weapons.

2) Upgrade your Gunboat and Gunboat Weapon
While this is not a secret, focus on maxing your Gunboat, Artillery and Barrage will specifically help you to advance further in Dr. Terror Event. Ability to destroy critical group of Defenses allow you to easier guide your troop to specific location and safely destroy Headquarters.

3) Choose your troop wisely
Low level Tank is quite good to take care of Stage 1 to 10 without any loss. However without Medic, Tank will be struggled to advance deep into the Event. Hooka is all around army, with proper level, they can do a good job with some casualties along the way.

Warrior plus Smoke Screen are the key and have the base chance to defeat Dr. Terror compared to any other troops. 36-42 Warrior of at least level 9-10 allow you to have a best shot against the last few stages of Dr. Terror.

4) Boost Statue using Power Powder
Dr. Terror Event is by far the most valuable chance you can get back from using Power Powder to boost your statue, whether they are Resource Reward, Gun Boat Energy, Power Stone Chance or Magma statue. The boosting allows you to able to defeat more stage of Dr. Terror, thus give you a lot more Resources and Dark Power Stone.

If you have the boosting left after the Event, you can use the remaining benefit to attack NPC and Player base.

5) Time your building and Armory upgrade
Plan to have your builder and Armory upgrade available during Dr. Terror Event. Dr. Terror Resources effectively allow you to do big upgrade a lot easier.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1 Jul Maintenance Break

1 July 2014
Maintenance Break

HQ Health, Shock Launcher and Dive Locations
- Increasing HQ 17 and 18 health by 5,000
- Increasing HQ 19 and 20 health by 10,000
- Reducing Shock Launcher damage by 40%
- Lowering the time it takes for your game to "roll the dice" on getting a new dive location (down to 13 hours 17 minutes).

Tactics Analysis
- Increase of HQ health definitely affect any Attacking Tactics that go directly to the HQ, mainly Warrior & Smoke. Upgrade your Warrior or find better Magma Troop Damage Masterpiece!
- Shock Launcher change is just a balance change to clearly show that Shock Launcher is a utility Defense building instead of damage Defense.

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Monday, June 30, 2014


What is Artillery?
Artillery is the first Gunboat Weapon available, and continues to be one of the most important weapons to be used at any stage of the game. When you aim at specific point, Gunboat fires a cannon shell to damage that area.
Boom Beach
Support your troops in battle with Gunboat!
Your Gunboat fires a high-explosive cannon shell that damages enemy buildings. Be careful not to hit your own troops!

Artillery Fact (from level 1 to 20)
Damage = 700 – 5024
At each level, Damage increases for 77, 85, 95, 106… and up to 444 in the last upgrade.

Initial Energy Cost to fire Artillery = 3
Subsequent Artillery consume 2 more Gunboat Energy than previous one.
Energy Cost consumed = 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 …

One Artillery shot can hit up to 4 Buildings if they are in contact with each other.

Upgrading Tactics
Try upgrading you Artillery as much as possible. This will indirectly save your Gunboat Energy and allow you to take down key Defense Buildings before deploying your troops.

For example, Rocket Launcher level 1 has 4,000 health. You need 4 shots of Artillery level 5 – 7 to take it down, while only required 3 shots of level 8 Artillery.

Attack Tactics for Artillery
Who said playing game does not need your brain? Playing Boom Beach does require basic Mathematics especially when using Gunboat Weapons.

 1) Know your Artillery damage vs. Building health
Choose key Defense Buildings you plan to destroy, and then calculate how much Artillery you need to take down the Defense Buildings.

2) Know how much Gunboat Energy you use and gain
Calculate how much Gunboat Energy you use to fire Artillery and how much you gain back from destroying buildings.

It is very important to plan ahead how much Gunboat Energy you will use during the battle and not waste too much Energy for firing Artillery. If you use Tank, after firing Artillery, make sure that you will have enough Gunboat Energy left to deploy your Tanks.

Defense Tactics against Artillery
1) Avoid Defense building contact
Never ever place your Defense building in contact with other buildings, including corner-touch-corner. If opponent plan to destroy one Cannon using 2 Artillery shots, having another building touching the Cannon results in 3 free Gunboat Energy. Exception is Headquarters, as Headquarters has high amount of health.

In high level gameplay, this may not be true as player will have lots of buildings to arrange and sometimes it can be more effective to have tight placement.

2) Mine placement
Avoid placing Mine/Boom Mine next to Defense buildings, and avoid placing 2 Boom Mines next to each other. Artillery shot can trigger the Mine and explode them.

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